Living Cultures (13 July 2013)

In this unique workshop we reclaimed these ancient cultural practices by mindfully making sourdough bread from a 23-year-old Russian rye culture, yoghurt from a 100-year-old Eastern European culture and delicious kefir from real kefir grains originating from Caucasus. And while the bread and yogurt was fermenting we  explored the wonderful world of bacteria as transformers and change-makers, giving a glimpse of how fermentation could be a model for re-imagining a more thriving and sustainable human culture!
The workshop was led by artist and cultivator Eva Bakkeslett. As part of her artistic practice she reveals and reclaims forgotten practices, concepts and cultures that she cultivates, ferments and shares with others. For more information, see and

For enquiries and booking for future such events with Eva, email or phone 07768066155.

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imago said...

Thank you, Eva and Fintry, for this informative, creative and social day, introducing participants to three traditional and very useful edible 'living cultures'. We gained all kinds of fascinating understandings of human migrations, sharings and economies of the kitchen. With some experience already of yoghurt and bread, I am now an enthusiast for the super-easy kefir.