Awakening to the Divine Feminine (29-31 August 2014)

Awakening to the Divine Feminine’ with well-known scholar and author Anne Baring, and led by Sally and Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, was a great success.  It was attended by 23 participants, residential and non-residential, and attracted people from Sweden, Switzerland and UK.  There were talks, guided meditations, a yoga nidra session, as well as a concert of harp, flute and poetry given by Paula Tait.
Anne led 4 discussions based on work she had presented at The New Chartres Academy earlier in the year:  1) The Great Mother and the Lunar Era: Original Participation 2) The Great Father and the Solar Era: Separation and Dissociation 3) Awakening to the Divine Feminine and the Soul  4) The Indwelling Spirit and the Great Work of Alchemy: Final Participation.  For more details about Anne, see, and watch a video of Anne in conversation with Andrew Harvey:  For further reading about the Sacred Feminine, see Anne's books on the subject: J. Cashford and A. Baring, The Myth of the Goddess: Evolution of an Image (1993), A. Baring and A. Harvey, Recovering the Feminine Face of God Around the World (1996), and A. Baring, Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul (2013).

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