The Poet in You - 1 Oct 2016

In October Jay Ramsay returned to Fintry to give another day workshop on 'The Poet in You'. The aim of the day was to help participants to find new possibilities of expression through the written word, working with original exercises to extend receptivity and imagination.

Jay Ramsay works to bring spiritual consciousness into contemporary British poetry, and over his career he has created a unique synthesis between poetry and personal development. For descriptions of Jay’s popular workshops see 

Last year's workshop at Fintry was very popular, and you can read some of the enthusiastic comments at this link:

One participant wrote:
'I’m so glad I went! I’m not particularly into poetry, although I value it and find it amazing when someone helps me with the inner meaning which I sense but can’t quite identify. But Jay’s day wasn’t only about understanding poetry’s inner message, but by a series of simple non-threatening exercises, finding the creative spirit in us. There were no boundaries - just to let go of any preconceptions of ourselves and allow whatever came forth to flow. Either visually with words – poetically or in prose – simply write or draw what we experienced. In doing this I learned so much about myself – how to let go, and allow the poet in me to flow. Truly a day of discovery! I would recommend Jay’s course to anyone. If he comes again don’t miss it!'

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