Ayurvedic Medicine (12 September 2015)

On 12 September, Dr Sam Watts led a day on Ayurvedic Medicine. An enthusiastic group of participants spend the day learning how to optimise physical and emotional well-being. Fusing a unique mix of conventional Western nutritional therapy and traditional Eastern Ayurvedic medicine, this one-day course focused on how to:

Learn the role that food plays in maintaining optimal health and wellbeing
Learn how to use food as medicine
Receive full guidance on a gentle Ayurvedic detox plan
Learn what foods groups to avoid and what food groups to eat
Learn how to prepare a variety of different health-boosting smoothies
Develop a sustainable meditation and relaxation practice
Learn how to use meditation to manage stress, anxiety and depression
Understand how meditation improves happiness, contentment and wellbeing

More pictures of the day can be found on our Facebook page.

Elizabeth Medler of the Hamblin Trust writes "What Sam shares is so helpful when it comes to healthy living. He is passionate about Ayurvedic Medicine and I have found consultations with him so very helpful." Another participant commented that this was "a really informative and enjoyable day". For more on Dr Sam Watts and Mind-Body Medical, see their website.

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