Mindfulness and Compassion - 9-10 July 2016

Barbara Boxhall led this residential weekend at Fintry in July focusing on 'Mindfulness and Compassion'. Barbara writes:

This residential weekend is an opportunity to experience the life-enhancing benefits of living truly in the moment with deep self acceptance. It offers a quality of experience that develops over time. When we allow ourselves this time, we gain insight into how we connect with life, and learn to be with ourselves and others in a clear and compassionate way.
Barbara is currently in training for a new teaching qualification to teach an eight-week course in 'Mindful Self-Compassion' after studying with Aberdeen University. She is a highly qualified teacher of Mindfulness and a counsellor of 25 years’ experience. People who came on a weekend led by Barbara said:

‘I stand by my feeling that your mindfulness retreat is the best thing I have ever done.  I feel very comfortable with the concepts and find practicing mindfulness life-enhancing.’ Linda, London

‘You have opened my eyes to a new and exciting way of living and your kindness, quiet dignity and thoughtful guidance were an inspiration and a blessing.  It was a shock to realise the lack of compassion I have had for myself until now.  And to register how loud that nagging voice had been in my head.  It is also a joy to realise that I have all the tools to find a better way of living.’ Clare, London

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