The Art of Baking Bread

Clips and photographs from the workshop 'The Art of Baking Bread', led by Eva Bakkeslett and held in the kitchen at Fintry on 17th November:

Here's some of the feedback we received from participants:

"The happiest moment came when I realised that we were putting bread into the oven without having weighed anything or looked at a recipe. That realisation took all the fright out of what I had previously thought of as a complicated process. I was also converted to the idea of handling and enjoying the grains that went into the bread...

Actual breadmaking apart, the films you showed us have also lingered inside my head. The combination of no-recipes, touching/smelling grains and letting my eyes be caressed by those gentle films in the lovely Fintry atmosphere was just about as good as it gets... By the time I reached London my loaves were still, astoundingly, hot and my two 'boys' fell upon them and vanished them...

How good your teaching style is. It was really fluid and spontanous, but with enough organised structure to keep us on track... I also loved the fact that we milled our own flour. My loaf turned out better than any I have baked in recent years, and I'm sure part of that must be down to the freshly milled flour. I think it is also down to the more mindful way of baking that you encourage, with attention to senses and feelings as well as more scientific principles. I have come away feeling that, yes, I can bake without recipes and I can experiment with confidence in a few basic rules."

And some more photos:

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