Time Sphere

The Fintry Trust is pleased to announce the U.K. launch of Time Sphere by M. C. Morison. For information on the book see the website: www.lodestonebooks.com/books/time-sphere.  'When a teenage priestess, living 5,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt, connects with Rhory, an English schoolboy visiting the British Museum, she puts herself and him in grave danger. The link they forge through the pathways of time is noticed. She must escape the murderous followers of the God Set, and Rhory is hunted by their modern counterparts, the nefarious Society of Secrets.'
A spectacular adventure where ancient and modern combine, where good and evil are challenged and where fantasy fiction reaches a clever, hilarious and wonderfully engaging level – gripping! M.C. Morison takes the reader through time’s doorways and corridors. His story is filled with secrecy, exotic locations, dark characters and wonderful imagination. In Time Sphere we hear an authentic voice which makes the impossible possible when characters from the past and present entwine to counteract evil. 
- Marie Quirk-Smith, Author of A Place in the Choir

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