Gregorian Chant - 8 April

This was a taster day in Gregorian Chant, led by Helen Nattrass, Director of Canterbury Gregorian Music Society. Chant has ancient roots and is used in many spiritual rites throughout the world. It is a way of heightening the emotional effect of prayers and other spiritual communications. Gregorian Chant is an example of chant used in the western Christian tradition for singing the Mass and the Divine Office; it survives particularly in monastic communities, but also in parishes where it is valued. It is known for its serenity and the way it speaks deeply to the heart. Gregorian Chant is not difficult to sing: there is only one music line and no complex counterpoint or harmony. It also has a flexibility of pitch to suit the voices of the group, so you can relax as you learn to join in this most beautiful of spiritual arts.

Helen Nattrass has worked with Canterbury Gregorian Music Society ( for ten years, teaching and coaching groups of ordinary non-specialist amateurs in this music. She is well-known for her friendly and down-to-earth approach, and her ability to enthuse the beginner with an appreciation of the subject. Details

Two videos of the day can be viewed on our Youtube channel, with Helen Nattrass leading the participants in learning chant:

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