The Fintry Trust's Internet Presence

The main website of the Fintry Trust is, which has information on Fintry, the study programme, and the library, as well as specially written articles and recipes from the Fintry kitchen.  It also carries a version of the Trust Strategic plan and the current newsletter, and through this site it is possible to make donations and to offer services as a volunteer.

The Fintry Trust also now has:
- this page, a regularly updated blog giving information on the upcoming programme, as well as photographs and reports of past events.
- a facebook page, which can also be read by non-facebook users
- a YouTube channel with excerpts of readings and photographs;
- the Fintry Trust Twitter feed

We are using these social networking sites to provide a stream of inspiring readings, images and calendar notes all linked to the Trust's interests and objectives, as well as maintaining a constantly updated list of events.

There is a separate website for the Shrine of Wisdom, the Trust's publishing arm.  This site can be found at; it carries information about the publications, a growing archive of SoW articles no longer in print, and the Perpetual Festival Calendar.  There is also a website for volunteers involved with the Trust,, and for the Universal Order,  The Universal Order site contains study papers, and a 'members only' area is being considered, but not yet in use.


1999 - Shrine of Wisdom website set up
2001 - TUO website set up
2006 - Fintry Trust website set up 
2011 - Fintry Trust Main Facebook page and Twitter account set up
2012 - Fintry Volunteer website set up
2012 - Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter feed and blog consistently developed and updated

We hope this internet presence will provide a way of keeping in contact with Fintry and feeling close to what is happening, even for those who can't be there in person.

If you spot any errors, please e-mail  Any suggestions for improvements and future developments would be very welcome!

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